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Library Visits

I have been invited once again by my local Library to read to groups of school children from the local primary school on library visits.  I love doing this, it was one of my highlights last year and I think it is wonderful that children are being introduced to libraries at such a young age.

I shall be reading ‘The Thirsty Flowers’ to two groups of  Reception Class children (4-5 year olds). The first event is tomorrow, 18th January and the second is on 25thJanuary 2018.  I will be joined by Ann Scantlebury, another local children’s writer, who will also be reading one of her stories.  The children will also take part in some library based activities aimed at helping them to understand how to use the library.

Changed Plans

This morning I visited my local Library as I had been invited to read to a class of school children on a Library visit. The planned visit had been subject to change at short notice. I had been expecting to read my new book ‘The Thirsty Flowers’ to the Nursery Class from my local school and to read a new story for slightly older children to a class of 6-7 year olds on May 4th.

Just last week I learned that the school had swapped the dates round and I had the class of  6-7 year olds today. I had expected another month or so to polish the story, ‘Demolition Dan’, as it was not quite ready for public airing but suddenly I had to give it my full attention. I have to say I am happy with the work I have done on the story in order to get it ready to read and the children seemed to enjoy it. Hopefully it will eventually be turned into another illustrated story book.

Apart from the sudden need to give the new story my full attention I was a little bit sorry that the dates were changed round as the reading of ‘The Thirsty Flowers’ today would have tied in well with my book launch this coming Saturday, 11th March, when I will be signing copies of the book and giving away balloons in a local shop where the book is stocked.

Despite the change of plan it was an enjoyable morning and it was great to see young children being encouraged to find out what their local library can offer.