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Poetry at the Library

Yesterday saw the second of my three visits to the Library. This time it was a group of 9 year olds from my local Primary School who were having a morning at the Library. The local Poetry Group, of which I am a member, had been invited to do some poetry work with the children and five of us went along. We shared some poetry with them on a variety of topics and listened to them read some of their own poems which they had been working on at school – acrostic poems on the subject of ‘Future’. They had obviously put a lot of thought into their poems and achieved some good results.  We also talked to them in general terms about poetry and they were happy to share their thoughts with us on the kind of poems that they like.

I have also received some wonderful ‘Monster’ pictures from my previous visit when I read to a class of  6-7 year olds and I will choose a few to post on this website in a day or two.

Free Book

We now confirm that Elizabeth Leaper will be guesting on writer Freya Pickard’s Blog at ‘Dragonscale Clippings’ from 19th – 23rd March 2012. As well as a guest post from Elizabeth, Freya will be interviewing her about her writing and her recent book ‘Collecting Cobwebs, Gathering Brambles’, a collection of her own poetry and that of her late uncle, Jack Williamson. Freya will also be reviewing the book.

To be in with the chance to win a FREE copy of ‘Collecting Cobwebs, Gathering Brambles’ don’t forget to visit ‘Dragonscale Clippings’ between 18th -23rd March.