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Coming Soon

Watch out for my new picture story book for 3-5 year olds. “The Thirsty Flowers” was broadcast twice on the BBC Radio 4 pre-school children’s programme ‘Listen With Mother’ in the late 1970’s, under my maiden name Elizabeth Overend. Until now the story has never appeared in print.

The book is being illustrated by talented young  newcomer Kerrie Mccauley and all being well is scheduled to be available in the spring next year. Children are bound to love her delightful illustrations. Hopefully we will be able to share the cover image with you soon.

Wellington Festival – Local Authors Event

My Table at Wellington Fest.On Saturday 20th October I attended the Local Authors event held in  Wellington Library as part of the Wellington (Shropshire) Literary Festival. The festival was spread over three weeks with different authors in the library on each Saturday. A wonderful venue with many appreciative people visiting the table.

The Literary Festival is an annual event but this is the first time I have attended. I certainly hope to add it to my calendar for the future.

Many thanks to the organisers of this successful event.

Stafford Arts Festival Book Fair

   See also our EVENTS page HERE and athe dedicated webpage HERE for further information.

Stafford Arts Festival 2012

Festival of Authors 2012 & County Buildings Events September 15th 2012

Once again this year we have a fantastic line up of over 20 authors in County Buildings who will be on hand to discuss their books throughout the day and there will be a programme of timed talks taking place.


Here are just some of the writers who will be attending:

  • Carys Jones: author of; Not All Stars Sparkle, a Crime Thriller aimed at adults.


  • Lia Ginno: is a children’s author and has had five books published.  The Legend series – The Legends and the Inca Crystals, The Legends Saving the Rainforest, The Legends and the Bible Code Quest all follow the magical adventures of two children with special powers for 10- 14 age.  The Gallant Three is a mystery and the first story in a special pals series for 7 -10 years.  Nanny’s Babysitting Adventures combine four stories with jokes and activities for ages from 4 – 9 years.


  • Clemy Warner-Thompson: has written Purest Light and Darkest Regrets (the first two of three). They are both fantasy and aimed towards teenagers who are in secondary school.


  • Elizabeth Leaper: is a Poet, Writer and Illustrator who has published works including Barking at Nothing and Collecting Cobwebs, Gathering Brambles.


  • RH Stewart writes gripping tales for teenagers Devils Creature in the City of the Dead and God of the Underworld are guaranteed to stir the imagination.


  • Janet Thompson: writes charming children’s books: Duel in the Attic, The adventures of Tiger, Duel Under the Sea and Pretty Stupid Stories.


  • Suzie Litton-Wood’s book is set in the time of the First World War; Our Josh tells the story of a typical narrow boat family and is brought to life using the rich local dialect of the East Midlands.


  • Marilyn L Rice: is a writer of contemporary fiction, her 5 published books include; Time & Tide’, ‘No Regrets’,      ‘Stay in Touch’.


  • Michael J Smedley: hails from Derbyshire and has written several published novels including; Late Cut, A Subtle Revenge, and Manna from Abaddon which are set in the Peak District.


  • Nick Thom: writes non-fiction books about very ancient history The Origin of Tongues, History Re-written and The Great Flood are aimed at adults and older teenagers.


  • Phillip Baker’s novel Needle on Red – is a partly autobiographical diving adventure written with adults in mind but also suitable for teenagers.


  • Catherine Cooper is the author of the Jack Brennin series of magical, fantasy adventure books which include The Golden Acorn and Silver Hill and the Hawke & Co series of real life adventures, humour and fun: The New      Neighbours and The Pirate Ship.


  • Rosey Thomas Palmer has written a number of books, her novel Hues of Blackness is set in Jamaica where she lived for many years.


  • Valerie Astill is a travel writer who has published 3 books; From Coconuts to Condors, Temples and Tacos and Rats, Rice and Rickshaws are based on the true life accounts of her and her husband David’s extensive travels.


  • Richard Denning is a practising GP who also writes sci-fi, historical fiction/fantasy books as well as designing board games.  His published works include Tomorrows Guardian, The Last Seal and Shield Maiden and are aimed at a teenage audience.


  • Alan Dance was born in Nottinghamshire and has written both fiction and non-fiction books based on the local area. Narrow Marsh and Leen Times are both historical novels set in the 18th century and The Chilwell Ghost is a non-fiction publication using historical records and original source material to explore the truth about a local legend.


Not only do we have a fantastic line up of authors but we will have Poetry, Music and visual art all in the wonderful venue of County Buildings make sure you come and join us as part of a great day at Stafford Arts Festival 2012






A couple of short verses by Elizabeth appear in this month’s issue of EOTE, an e-zine that is produced three times a year, in April, August and December. The e-zine promotes the work of emerging creative artists – writers, photographers and painters and is open to submissions. For more information and to subscribe to the e-zine visit EOTE.

Free Book

We now confirm that Elizabeth Leaper will be guesting on writer Freya Pickard’s Blog at ‘Dragonscale Clippings’ from 19th – 23rd March 2012. As well as a guest post from Elizabeth, Freya will be interviewing her about her writing and her recent book ‘Collecting Cobwebs, Gathering Brambles’, a collection of her own poetry and that of her late uncle, Jack Williamson. Freya will also be reviewing the book.

To be in with the chance to win a FREE copy of ‘Collecting Cobwebs, Gathering Brambles’ don’t forget to visit ‘Dragonscale Clippings’ between 18th -23rd March.