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Elizabeth Leaper is a former Primary School teacher and is available for school visits. If you would like Elizabeth to visit your school please contact her via our Contacts page.


Library Visit 9th March 2017:  While not exactly a school visit Year 2 of my local primary school visited the library on Thursday 9th March 2017 and I was asked along to read to them. I read an as yet unpublished story called ‘Demolition Dan’. When the children returned to school they drew some pictures of the story and I share some of these here.

Demolition Dan is a strange monster who suddenly appears in a small village where the villagers soon learn that he has rather unusual eating habits!

Demolition Dan pictures


















Church Eaton Primary School: Here are some of the poems written by children in year groups 3 & 4 (age range 7-10 years) from Church Eaton Primary School, Staffordshire which Elizabeth visited on Friday 4th November 2011.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Halloween by Owen Rogers

Halloween is coming close,
I really can’t wait,
We need to get to the party,
We’re really, really late,
Please come on mum,
All my friends are there,
I can’t really wait,
I might give them a scare,
We got there but
There was one thing missing,
I talked to a friend,
But he never ever was listening’
I knew it again,
Witch on broomstickIt was the witch and broom,
She’s going to come down
And make the sun the moon,
No one was about trick or treating,
There was going to be a massive meeting,
This is the end of Halloween,
And now your hearts BEATING!

* * * * *

My Halloween Party by Stacey Nicholas

It’s my Halloween Party tonight
My mum has planned it all
I don’t know what it’ll be like
It could be scary or cruel
But I’m so excited all my friends are coming too
It’s going to start in a minute, you can come too
We will see a lot of ghosts, skeletons and witches
Maybe even scary sounds
Goo and blobby piecesPumpkin, Skull and Bat
We might turn the lights off
Flicker them or leave them on
I’m sure it will be a lot of fun.

* * * * *

Pumpkin by Harry Pendleton

There was a pumpkin
He was really fat
He had a tiny black rat
That liked to sleep on his mat
The pumpkin had a little hat
The pumpkin went splat
So did the rat
How did they go splat?
It was a giant fat cat.

* * * * *

Fireworks by Aaron Foulkes







The fireworks are lit;
Bang, Boom, Fizz.
They’re flying up in the sky,
Wish, Whoosh, Whizz.
Brilliant starbursts
Oranges and blues.
Very wet today;
I put on the right shoes.
It’s getting late now
We are going home,
I’ll fall straight into bed,
But I won’t be asleep:
It was too loud for that.

* * * * *

Chicks by Martin Yardley

The chicks are hatching
Under old mother hen.
Quick come see Mum
Oh look there’s ten.

The chicks have hatched under old mother hen.
Time to put them in their pen.

The chicks are blue,Chicks hatching
The chicks are grey,
That one’s white.
Hip Hip Hooray.

* * * * *

The Horse by Olivia T

The horse is bay
She shines like the sun
She is black and brown
And like the wind she can run.

* * * * *

My Birthday by Katie

My birthday is going to be great
So good so fun it is going to be great I can’t wait.
I have got it all planned
We have got all the things we need
We’ve got the food
We’ve got the drinks
It is going to be great
I can’t wait.
I think we have done everything
But it feels like something is missing
But anyway I can’t wait
It is going to be great
I can’t wait
But anyway I can’t wait
Today it the day I have been waiting for
It’s my birthday. HOORAY.
Oh no, we’ve forgotten the invites!

* * * * *

PoniesMy Ponies by Natasha Coleman

Magnum is a grey
Tamsy is a bay,
They really like each other,
I do not want another.

So when I go to the stalls
They whinny to me
From the fields,
So happy to see me.

* * * * *

A Poem About Poems by James Borgars

People say all the time
That poems have to rhyme,
People do rhymes like ping and pong,
But I’ll always say that they’re wrong.

* * * * *

Please respect the copyright of the images on this page. The Halloween illustrations are taken from “Barking At Nothing”.  The Fireworks photograph is by Elizabeth Leaper. All other illustrations are courtesy of Google Images.

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