Here you will find a few sample poems from Elizabeth’s books. These will be changed from time to time so do please keep looking in. Unless otherwise stated all poems are by Elizabeth Leaper.

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From ‘Barking At Nothing’:


Dandelion; gaudy, bold,
With her pretty hair of gold.
Soon it seems that overnight
She has a puffball head of white —
Like my Grandma.

Then we get a windy day,
Blows her puffball hair away,
And I can’t help thinking that
She should perhaps have worn a hat —
Like my Grandma.



Girl in rain with umbrellaJosephina

Josephina, dressed in yellow,
Doesn’t care about the weather,
In her yellow raincoat
With her yellow umbrella,
In her yellow Wellingtons,
Yellow ribbons in her hair,
It can rain and rain and rain,
Josephina doesn’t care.


From ‘Collecting Cobwebs, Gathering Brambles’:

After the Storm

The roaring beast of the storm
that yesterday railed
in tantrum against the rocks
has exhausted its god-like fury.

I take the steep and slippery track
down to the beach,
scrabbling over the rocky outcrops
laid like traps to trip the unwary.

Low tide. The sea breathes
gently over the shingle,
hushes out, and shooshes in;
a giant monster sated and asleep.

while there on the sand
the remnants of a rusting hulk
lie discarded — picked bones
of some long-since digested feast.


The Random Wall by Jack Williamson

I watch a workman build a wall
With stone strewn by a quarry blast.
To me they seem so ill disposed,
Last remnant of some holocaust.
Yet each strewn orphan’s craggy face
Was found a careful resting place,
The large, the small, the gross misshapes,
And none to claim a pride of place,
The strength of one the strength of all.
A worthwhile task, a good stone wall.



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