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Silverburn Publishing, based in Staffordshire, UK, is a not-for profit small  independent publisher set up in order to publish books by Elizabeth Leaper.  It is intended that the profits from the sale of these books will be donated to charity.

Elizabeth is a writer, poet and illustrator who has enjoyed writing ever since she was a small child. She has had work broadcast on BBC Radio and has had stories, poems and articles published in several anthologies and small press magazines. Although she currently concentrates on writing poetry she does not rule out writing in other genres in the future.

It is hoped to develop this site in such a way that we can offer help and advice to others who wish to Self Publish their own books, particularly those publishing in support of a registered charity, where economy in costs is important in order to maximise profits. We prefer to call this “DIY Publishing” as most of the work is done by the author who then only needs to pay for the services they require – frequently just the printing and binding.

Please feel free to email us via the Contacts page if you think we can be of help to you with your self-publishing ventures. We cannot publish your book for you but may be willing to enable you to publish under our imprint.Girl in rain with umbrella

Please also note our list of Links where we hope in future to include useful sites for potential Self Publishers or DIY Publishers and this will be added to as time progresses.

Information about our books can be found on the Home page (Books page).

Please note that the images on this page are copyright of Ed Davies and are from our children’s poetry collection “Barking At Nothing”.